Thank you for following Scouted Football. Welcome to the new website!

We'll be doing things a little differently from now on; firstly, this site will predominantly be used to house the Scouted Football Handbook that we will be releasing annually. Sadly, the old site and most of its content will be lost to the past, but with the handbook we are ensuring that this will not happen again. Second, to continue following what we have to say, make sure you are following us on Twitter (@ScoutedFootball) where we will keep you updated with various miscellaneous things (hopefully including some really insightful stuff once the transfer window ends and the football starts to heat up).

Lastly, the site will also play host to some other posts that we haven't decided on yet (U-20 World Cup 2017 content?) but we will keep you posted on Twitter when things go up on the site.

We hope you stick around for the long run, enjoy the first Scouted Football Handbook and patiently await the second instalment... It's going to be even better!