So you'd like to know more about the Scouted Football Handbook before you hit download (did you know it's free?) and spend hours perusing its glorious pages? Well, here's what to expect...



Just like last year, the Handbook looks fantastic. Bursting with colour and painstaking design, our fact-files provide you with all the basic knowledge you'll need to get to know our players; perfect for that quick reference. Oh, and it'll detail where you can find our writers, that. They're really good. 



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Each of our profiles is complimented by statistical evidence provided by Global Soccer Network, one of the world's premium football scouting consultancies. Not only do these reflect our writer's knowledge of a player's strengths and weaknesses, they'll allow you to visualise them, too. Pretty neat.

The profiles themselves are the heart of the handbook. Each one individually crafted by our team of experts, expect to find detailed information on the player's past, his style of play, and where he's going in the future. Here's a snippet from Phil Costa's profile on Alex Iwobi...


Alex Iwobi was not always destined to shine in an Arsenal shirt. In fact, the Gunners thought very seriously about releasing him twice as a teenager with his development not progressing as planned. But as offers from Celtic, Crystal Palace and Southampton came in, the Lagos-born midfielder was determined to stay and prove he was good enough. Over four years and 50 first team appearances later, there is not a happier man than Arsène Wenger when looking back on that brave decision.

After initially impressing against Sunderland and Burnley in the FA Cup, it was not until March where the 20-year-old really made a name for himself. Thrown into the Nou Camp for what might have been a hiding to nothing, many young players would have frozen on such an unforgiving stage. But in typical Iwobi fashion, he embraced the pressure and enjoyed it for what it was – a game of football. Looking completely comfortable alongside Europe’s elite, he was rewarded with his first Premier League start just three days later, scoring his first goal for the club in a 2-0 victory away at Everton.

Having signed a new contract just six months prior, Iwobi was offered another deal in April that reportedly trebled his wages. Make no mistake, this was not a case of modern football rearing its short term, money-driven head. This was a football club realising what a talented, determined player they had on their hands and tying him down for the future. That determination also saw him follow his heart to represent Nigeria, despite England officials trying to persuade him for months to switch allegiance. Named as African Youth Player of the Year for 2016, his choice was undoubtedly read on, click below!